Secret Fix Capping

Alupress secret fix capping system is an attractive and easy to install product for use on parapet and perimeter walls. The capping clips onto pre fixed galvanised brackets at 1000mm centres, a single fixing is then used on the inside of the parapet through each bracket to ensure the capping cannot be removed.

This system can be manufactured to suit any width of wall, including curves, tapered sections and irregular corners. All systems are designed specifically for each project; depth and appearance vary to suit each individual application. Copings are available in our complete range of finishes in Aluminium, stainless steel and Plastisol of PVF2 coated steels.

Pre fabricated corners are available to suit any required angle, either internal or external. Different coping widths and profiles can be welded together.

Curved sections can be manufactured two different ways depending on the radius. They can be laser cut to the desired radius and fully welded giving a perfect curve or alternatively can be facetted i.e. supplied in shorter straight lengths.

Stop ends and upstands
Stop ends and upstands are available to suit any angle. They can be welded onto the ends of 3000mm sections of cappings or supplied as separate individual pieces.

Tee Sections
Tee sections are required at wall intersections. They are individually fabricated to suit any angle, wall width or difference in level.